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INARAY believes there’s more to exceptional sound than performance alone. It must strike the perfect visual note as well. The shape, the size, the finish, and placement - every detail should be considered in the context of the room itself. The right choice not only complements your design, it becomes a part of the design, as deliberate and personal as the flooring below and the lighting above.

INARAY designs immersive sound systems that deliver perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space.

From design to installation our team will transform your home or backyard into a relaxing and entertaining environment.

With over 20 years of experience in lighting and audio systems design, INARAY delivers a total home experience.


the experience


Consistent Volume

Provides smooth, consistent coverage throughout the area

Immersive Sound

By using small satellite speakers and hidden  subwoofers carefully arranged throughout the space, the outcome is completely immersive audio.

Hidden Speakers

Our invisible or nearly-invisible systems provide a superior aesthetic enabling discreetly camouflaged speakers to evenly immerse a space with extraordinary stereo sonic performance.

No Disturbances

Because we position our outdoor audio systems around the perimeter and aim the sound toward your home,  the music does not spill into neighboring properties.